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CSi Sap2000 Analysis and Design Basic

Jan 15 2019
2 days
11 500 NOK
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Efficient and accurate modeling of structures for analysis and design are challenges all structural engineers meet daily. CSi SAP2000 Analysis and Design Basic course will give attendants a practical approach to functionality that will increase productivity and make you a safe CSi SAP2000 user. CSi SAP2000 allows the user to reduce assumptions when modelling, leading to minimization of the gap between analysis and reality.

The user will receive extensive practical experience in result management and post-processing of results from FEM-analysis.

The course will include modeling techniques, analysis, design and optimization of steel structures according to the current European design code.


Object Based modeling
Graphical user interface customization
Tabular based modelling
Modeling techniques for
Frame elements
Area elements
Extrusion options
Grid definition
Curved beam elements
Snap functionality
Material definition
Frame and Area definitions
Section designer
Mesh options
Edge Constraints
General element connectivity
Apply loads and boundary conditions
Steel frame design
Optimization steel design
Creating reports
Structural Stability assessment

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