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Tekla Structural Designer

May 28 2019
1 day
7 500 NOK
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Referencing your existing engineering knowledge, you will gain a full understanding of how to model with physical and analytical objects,

as well as how to generate professional reports and drawings for communicating your designs to others.

In addition you will grasp the many useful shortcuts that our experts use daily.


► Overview of Tekla Structural Designer

► The program interface / basic commands



► Creating a new model

► Inserting levels and gridlines

► Importing DXF files

► Modelling steel, concrete members

► Modelling various slab types

► Model Validation


► Load cases, combinations and envelopes


► Overview of analysis types available in Tekla Structural Designer


► Overview of the design processes

► Steel and concrete design options


► Generating member and model reports

► Controlling report contents

► Drawing options

► Generating member and planar drawings

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