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Tekla Structures Grunnkurs

May 27 2019
5 days
25 000 DK
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This Tekla Structures Basic Training Class introduces Tekla Structures beginning users to the Tekla modeling environment and teaches them basic modeling and drawing functionality.

This classprovides basic knowledge needed to become productive within Tekla Structures, e.g. setting job specific information, connections, interactive detailing, numbering basics, reports basics, creation of drawings, drawing properties, etc.

They will learn how to use the standard components in Tekla structures as well as how to sketch your own profiles to use in your model.

Students will also gain knowledge about detailing your model using system components as well as being shown how to model basic custom details and connections. This will be followed by exercises on how to use a variety of tools to add reinforcement, strand, and mesh to your models.

Students will be taught how Tekla Structures uses automated routines to number all the parts in the model and lastly, will be guided through the process and tools used to generate erection drawings, shop tickets and cast unit drawings.


· Part one:

o Creating axes.

o Basic Tekla Structures features.

o Import and export reference files.

o Modeling Principles.

o Snapping

o Filter

o Phases

· Second part:

o Modeling, Components, embedded items

o Numbering:

§ Methodology for efficient use of numbering

o Welds, bolts, assembly

o Reinforcement

§ Modification of reinforcement

§ Preload reinforcement Shape Catalogue,

§ reinforcement directly with bending forms

§ Rebar Shape Manager, define custom bend shapes

o Drawings:

§ General arrangement drawings

§ Single-part and assembly drawings

§ Cast-unit drawings

§ Short into on object level settings, automation of drawing settings

§ Master Drawing Catalog

o Reports:

§ Organizer

o Other:

§ Exercises

§ Effective working

§ Tips

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