Roadmap and Matrix
Our training roadmaps illustrate how the trainings are interconnected. They also provide information about the prerequisites for each training.

Regarding the pdf-file:
– Follow the arrows from the bottom to the top. In other words, the roadmap guides you where you should start and the steps you should take to increase your knowledge.

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Nordic course program!
We learn and train from the day we are born and continue to do so throughout our entire life.

To acquire new knowledge in our professional lives is essential, since demand for new knowledge is rising at an ever faster pace. Knowledge acquired only a few years ago, may be obsolete today. Thus, it is paramount to the professional engineers of today to continuously maintain and improve their knowledge.

The EDR&Medeso Group provides knowledge transfer for efficient simulation processes for a wide area of physics. In addition, the setup of our training courses range from classical class room- to customized training via the internet.

As your simulation partner our task is to assess and meet your training needs and deliver it in a set up most suitable for your organization and staff.

Welcome to training at EDR&Medeso!

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