In the world of biomedical imaging, the design of very small and yet extremely high resolution optical systems is critical to innovation and improvement in medical diagnostics. Join us for an enlightening webinar “Designing Endoscopes Using Ansys Zemax OpticStudio”, where we delve into the design of endoscopic devices with the powerful capabilities of Ansys Zemax.


  • Introduction: Ansys Zemax, biomedical imaging, then endoscopes and types of endoscope (focus on rigid endoscope design)
  • How the design works and specifications
  • Set up and optimization
  • Analysis of results and limitations of this design
  • Other designs that address these limitations e.g. using metalenses to reduce endoscope size and how Ansys Zemax, Ansys Lumerical and Ansys Speos interoperability can be used to model this
  • Questions and answers