Fast Forward to perfect products

Simulation enables those of you working with product development to test how your products will perform in real life conditions. You'll find faults or weak spots earlier enabling you to optimize designs. Physical prototypes will be fewer and tests will go faster. For many cost saving is suffice, but simulation also changes the product development process. Being able to test and gain invaluable increased understanding in product performance at such an early stage in the design process, opens entirely new paths for moving product development forward, Fast Forward!

Getting started with simulation

Previously, simulation was a specialist skill. These days engineers and designers can immediately test their products without long ramp-up times. Contact one of our experts to give you a demonstration with actual examples from your industry – or check out one of our webinars.

Industry leading software

EDRMedeso is a distributor of world leading software applications within a number of areas. We always strive to choose the best products, and create unique simulation packages for our customers containing customized solutions and training.

Knowledge, support and consulting

EDRMedeso is a Channel Partner of the entire ANSYS product suite, the world’s foremost tool for simulation. But we are not just selling licenses, our goal is rather to improve and optimize your product development processes. That’s why we provide training, support solutions and consulting for all our software. We are looking forward to be your engaged partner – from concept to the perfect Product.

Smart add-ins and customization

To help you to get the most out of your software, we continuously work with developing new software add-ins and apps to tailor the software to your needs. In some cases we develop branch-specific toolkits – such as for oil&gas and heavy equipment industries – and even pure productivity-boosting add-ins.


EDRMedeso offers affordable educational license programs for universities, and academic institutions.

Startup program

The ANSYS Startup Program gives you full access to simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively.


EDRMedeso is proud to announce that is has been granted founding from the Research Council of Norway to undertake development related to FSI simulations on rotating equipment.

Case studies

Opening the Valve to improve design - Metso Flow Control engineers

Metso Flow Control engineers require several weeks to build and test a new valve. Using ANSYS AIM software developed for design engineers, Metso engineers can digitally explore the performance of a new design in a frew hours. The ability to evaluate many more designs in less time makes it possible to substantially increase valve performance and get new valves to market sooner.

"By Tommi Bergström, Senior Research Engineer, Metso Flow Control, Vantaa, Finland" a EDRMedeso Customer

We chose to work with EDRMedeso and ANSYS because the solution they provide supports the simulation driven development process at Oticon.

The ability to customize ANSYS Workbench to capture Oticons simulation process in an easy-to-use graphical interface, the extensive and professional service organizations of EDR&Medeso & ANSYS supporting Oticon during the implementation phase, the scalable license structure of ANSYS supporting optimal usage of hardware, easy access to design optimization and finally the ability to efficiently store and reuse simulation data.
Martin Larsen, Oticon

EDRMedeso app ”DDAM Response Spectrum” at MacGregor

ANSYS familiar GUI combined with offshore specific evaluation is a winning combination.
At MacGregor we are forward-looking, intent on innovation and product development. We constantly aim higher, and even though we can never control the sea, we can make it safer and more accessible for those who make it their workplace.
EDRMedeso has helped us in develop an app for ANSYS Mechanical to allow fast and accurate analysis of response spectrum using methods and load tables defined in “U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Report NRL-1396”.