AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are revolutionizing industries worldwide, and engineering is no exception. Engineers face immense pressure to deliver optimized, sustainable, and reliable products within tight deadlines. AI and Machine Learning can ease this burden by reducing repetitive tasks, accelerating development cycles, and providing deep insights based on real-world and synthetic data.

AI for Engineering Explained

By integrating AI and Machine Learning into engineering workflows, engineers can delegate complex optimization problems to AI algorithms, which can iterate through countless potential solutions much more quickly than humans. But the most powerful application of AI is its ability to leverage large datasets to generate invaluable insights.

AI models can be trained on real-world data, such as sensor readings or historical performance data, as well as synthetic data generated through physics-based simulations. By processing vast amounts of data, AI can generate insights that would be impossible or impractical for human engineers to obtain.

These insights help engineers answer “what-if” questions in seconds rather than hours or days, empowering them to make better decisions throughout the development process. AI can also identify patterns, trends, and relationships in the data that might be hidden or counterintuitive, providing engineers with fresh perspectives on their designs.

The Power of AI

Incorporating AI and Machine Learning into engineering workflows can seem daunting, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that may lack large or structured datasets, dedicated technology specialists, and financial resources. However, a pragmatic approach that builds on proven, robust technologies tested in real-world applications is essential. EDRMedeso uses AI and Machine Learning to help engineers reduce repetitive tasks and accelerate development cycles, allowing more time to deliver fully optimized and more sustainable products. Talk to us to find out how to unlock the full potential of your organization today through AI.


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For just one new pump design Grundfos was able to cut 30 percent in overall development time and achieve significant savings in physical prototyping costs.

— Jacob Vernersen / Senior Manager

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Neles CFD experts have been largely freed from routine valve design, and can instead focus on more challenging issues.

— Tommi Bergström / Neles

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What you guys have done with your training portal is nothing short of amazing! The flexibility it provides for new engineers on boarding, and the depth of advanced content, is unparalleled. Thank you!

— Lead Engineer / Terex