The Future of Engineering: AI-Powered Design and Validation

Ever wondered how AI can be used in product development? Integrating AI into your design and engineering processes can not only accelerate your time to market, but it can also significantly boost product performance, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. AI for Engineering opens up a wide range of possibilities, making what seems like future technology a reality, today.

At EDRMedeso, we are at the forefront of consolidating AI with Engineering by offering solutions that drastically accelerate design and verification workflows. One of our solutions that redefines traditional engineering workflows by enabling real-time predictions and optimizations is Neural Concept Shape.  

Thanks to the power of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), development sprints can happen 2 to 10 times faster, and enable you to map geometries (CAD models) against physics simulations, achieving high fidelity predictive capabilities. This leap forward allows for more iterative design processes, where hundreds of thousands of configurations can be explored in a single day, a huge contrast to the weeks or months traditionally required. 

These are just some of the benefits you can expect by incorporating AI for Engineering into your design and engineering processes: 

  • Gain a competitive advantage by being faster to market 
  • Design better products faster 
  • Explore thousands of design configurations in seconds 
  • Accelerate the entire design and verification process

Contact us to learn more and to get started on your AI for Engineering journey. 


Discover AI for Engineering in our Upcoming Webinar

We are thrilled to announce that on March 7th, AI experts from EDRMedeso and Neural Concept will host an exclusive webinar. This is a free session dedicated to explaining the potential of AI for Engineering. We promise an informative and engaging session, designed to inspire, and equip you for the next generation of engineering challenges. 

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