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Our exceptional solutions provide new and efficient ways to innovate and improve your business. Together, we break technological barriers and create new insight and predictability which contribute to a more sustainable future. Combined with our unique experience, competence, and culture, we are a trusted solutions provider with a face.


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Ever since we became an EDRMedeso customer I’ve never had any complaints. The support response time is always fast and when we have a time-critical issue, I can pick up the phone and get help instantly. That has been super helpful and brought added value to us here at Bruks Siwertell.

— Zoltan Habony / Bruks Siwertell

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With Rescale we have huge computational power available and the possibility to run many analyzes in parallel, so this means we can do quicker design iterations and finalize our designs quicker.

— David Engerberg / Modvion

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No doubt about that we can save time. You can have the results in a couple of hours instead of over the night.

— Jesper Thesbjerg / Stiesdal

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The integrated electronic-photonic workflow provided by Ansys to co-design and co-simulate Silicon Photonics and CMOS chips is an indispensable tool to speed up our design process and results in better chips with fewer errors and a shorter time to market

— Jinsung Youn, Research Scientist - Large-Scale Integrated Photonics / Hewlett Packard Labs

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The speed and accuracy provided by OpticStudio has made us more confident about the full performance of our optomechanical designs. We’ve used Ansys Zemax, for over 15 years. We’re always pleased with the tools they present for helping optical engineers work together effectively.

— Milan Matela, Senior R&D Optical Designer / Meopta-optika s.r.o.

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Because Ansys Speos allows us to use our 3D CAD product as an add-on, we can perform a simulation without sacrificing the accuracy. This is one of the key aspects we liked.

— Asami Yonezawa, Senior Specialist - Mazda Craftsmanship Development Group / Mazda Motor Corporation

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This is finally a super easy way to solve CFD jobs in cloud.

— Anonymous / Beta User

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This is not a competition, it is actually an opportunity to deliver what is expected of us in the near future.

— Hege Brende / CEO of Rainpower