Simulation Leadership Advisory

Any organization that aspires to leverage the full business value of simulation needs to collect data and insights to build the case. Our Simulation Leadership Advisory offers a unique service for companies that want to obtain more value from their investments in simulation. By combining simulation tools with the appropriate competences, processes, leadership, and strategy, we have developed a proven framework to help companies strengthen their market position. 

Evaluate Your Simulation Maturity

We have created the free test Simulation Maturity Assessment (SMA). It is based on over 35 years of simulation experience combined with well-established methods for analysis of digital maturity and leadership and gives you an instant look at your current simulation maturity and how it compares to others.

Free Simulation Maturity Assessment

How Do I Know Simulation Leadership Advisory Is For Me?

  • Do you want insight into your current position?
  • Momentum to take the next step?
  • Leadership that understands how to drive this change?

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The Simulation Leadership Advisory Process

1. Snapshot

This is the start of your journey towards world-class simulation maturity. Run the free SMA and get an indication of your team maturity. The best part - this stage is free.

2. Deep Dive

The ‘Deep Dive’ takes the snapshot to the next level. Interviews are combined with your company’s key business initiatives, resulting in deeper insights of value potentials.

3. Create


Where do you want to be in a few years’ time, and what business case would support your aspirations? Here we create a vision and relevant business case based on the data acquired from the Snapshot and Deep dive.

4. Shape


Aspirations and long term goals are great, but without a proper plan things will hardly change. Here we shape previous findings into an actionable plan.

5. Act


Time to realize all that's been planned – time to act!

Who We Have Helped

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EDRMedeso’s guided Simulation Leadership Advisory process has given us an invaluable insight into our current situation and identified our simulation strengths and weaknesses. These insights are creating a stable launch pad and show us how best to proceed up the simulation maturity curve and make our new simulation strategy come alive.

— Frederik Dynesen / Department Head R&D, Haas Meincke A/S (Part of Buhler Group)

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