Ansys Startup Program


Many of the world’s greatest companies began as startups and we’re committed to partnering with today’s startups to help them grow into tomorrow’s industry leaders. The Startup Program, gives you full access to simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively.

Accelerate Your Startup's Growth with World-Leading Ansys Simulation Technology

The advantages of bringing your products to market quicker are astronomical. Cost can be a significant restraint in development, which can often compromise quality, reliability and resilience. The Startup Program gives you access to the best tools possible, at a fraction of the cost.



What's Included?

Ansys Startup Program equips the startup ecosystem with access to Ansys’ broad portfolio of simulation solutions, bundled and affordably priced to help early-stage startups grow their businesses while significantly reducing physical prototype tests.

  • Structures and Fluids Bundle
  • Electromagnetic Bundle
  • Embedded Software Bundle
  • Optics and Photonics Bundle

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As an option, you can add a subscription to EDRMedeso’s Training Portal, with:

  • 125+ Training Courses
  • 1500+ Tutorial Videos
  • 6000+ Articles
  • 24/7 On-Demand Access

With an optional 2, 5 or 10 days of mentoring, encompassing detailed technical support, training, process validation and acceleration, and knowledge transfer. Contact us if you are interested to know more about the Startup Program.

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Becoming a Partner in the Startup Program

As a partner in the Startup Program, you will gain access to world-leading simulation so you can begin building virtual prototypes of your new products. These virtual prototypes can be tested and modified significantly quicker, using significantly less resources and resulting in significantly more accurate results than a physical prototype – saving you time and money to perfect your designs.

Check If You Qualify

Start leveraging world leading Ansys simulation tools.

  • You are a privately held company
  • You are not a consultancy or services company, or a company that provides consultancy services as part of your business model
  • Your startup is less than 10 years old
  • Your annual turnover is less than 5 million US dollars

Who We Have Helped

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What you guys have done with your training portal is nothing short of amazing! The flexibility it provides for new engineers on boarding, and the depth of advanced content, is unparalleled. Thank you!

— Lead Engineer / Terex