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Our simulation technology redefines possibilities; it brings the most challenging of concepts to life and truly shapes the future.

Explore, create, and innovate with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge simulation tools that bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

Challenge the Status Quo

In a world that is increasingly shaped by technological advances, simulation technology emerges as a game-changer, not just for industry but for humanity as a whole.

Its value lies in its ability to connect our imagination with reality, offering a dynamic, yet nurturing environment for innovation and problem-solving.

Through simulation, we can model and experiment with complex systems – from the inner workings of a cell to the complexities of a global supply chain – with unprecedented precision.

Simulation technology empowers us to ask “what if” questions, exploring scenarios that were previously out of reach and offering solutions that are unprecedented.

Simulation and Innovation Go Hand in Hand

Simulation’s impact is widespread, and continues to transform many sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, renewable energy, and electronics. It helps in reducing risks, saving costs, and making the right decisions quickly, all while inspiring a culture of constant improvement.

Whether it’s a surgeon refining their skills in a simulated operating room or a city planner optimizing traffic flow, simulation technology empowers us to push boundaries, dream bigger, and create a future where the virtual and the real seamlessly co-exist. As we unlock new possibilities, it’s clear that simulation technology is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to innovation and  testament to human creativity. Embracing it isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to shaping a smarter, more dynamic world.

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Ansys Granta Selector™ has given us more knowledge about the environmental impact of our products and where we should focus our attention in the development of new ones. Ansys Granta Selector also helped us to verify whether it is sustainable for us to gather used filters from customers to optimize the recycling process.

— Alexander Hjertström / CEO & Founder / Airinum

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We have only one winter per year…we have to shorten the entire process. Shortest ideas, shortest prototyping…with Discovery, modelling happens earlier in the process. It's a real game-changer.

— Nicolas Puget / Research & Innovation Manager, Rossignol

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A design iteration process that previously could take perhaps a week could be finalized in just one or two days.

— David Engerberg / Development Engineer, Modvion