New Digitalized Design Process Creates Competitive Advantage for Valmet

Valmet is the leading technology, automation, and service provider globally for paper and energy industries.

EDRMedeso, simulation software and solution provider, developed a new digital tool for Valmet for advanced strength analysis. By utilizing the new tool, Valmet can improve their overall design and engineering processes.

We have interviewed Seppo Kupiainen, Senior Manager, from products development at Valmet.

Creating Business Value

Because of the new digitalized and automized tool, human time spent on a calculation is reduced up to tens of hours per case. Earlier calculation routines took up to 2 weeks.

”With the new tool, calculation takes around a day on average and it can be performed by the chief designer without the need to involve any experts”, states Mr. Kupiainen.

Valmet also expects significant additional savings due to optimized structures enabled by the new tool, but according to Mr. Kupiainen, that amount is difficult to estimate at this time.



The Project Needs

Valmet has repetitive strength analysis tasks in their design process as part of each project delivery and those tasks are part of Valmet’s promise to their end-customers. Each of these strength analyses needs to be carried out according to various international standards and the strength analysis tasks are more advanced and complex than average.

The new automatized tool developed by EDRMedeso shortens design cycles and enables the chief designer to optimize and improve the structure which brings additional competitive advantage to Valmet. In addition, the design process gets standardized and harmonized which eliminates human errors, thus improving the overall design quality.

The new tool also provides calculation reports automatically according to international standards. Prior to this development, the process was centered around manual work after every analysis. Mr. Kupiainen confirms that the list of benefits to Valmet is quite long.


The Project Benefits

”All in all, this new tool developed in co-operation with EDRMedeso shortens our engineering process substantially and helps us to achieve higher quality and smoothness in our delivery projects”, summarizes Mr. Kupiainen from Valmet.

”In addition, we are now able to standardize the work”, he adds. Valmet now has user-independent design and strength-analysis process and unified method to execute delivery projects. This eliminates design risks introduced by human errors.

Valmet aims at continuing co-operation with EDRMedeso in the future. “Actually we continue the co-operation immediately”, Mr. Kupiainen confirms. A new project has already been agreed and similar digital design tools will be developed for other type of applications in the design process.

”We consider EDRMedeso as a very strong partner whenever we need these type of tools in the future”, Mr. Kupiainen says and continues:

”The reason for this is the well-executed project where results were exactly as promised and co-operation has been smooth. In addition, their competence is just excellent.”

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