Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industries share the common goal of utilizing emerging technologies to maintain their competitive and strategic edge, as well as to ensure the utmost reliability and safety of their assets in harsh and dangerous environments, while also reducing costs and minimizing downtime. In order to achieve these objectives, the industry has turned to digitalization of engineering, production, testing, and other initiatives which rely heavily on simulation and digital twins.

Aviation Space Defense

Aviation has changed the world forever, making it easy for people and goods to move quickly on our planet.

The industry is focused on sustainability, looking into new materials and processes such as additive manufacturing, new aircraft design, improved aerodynamics, lighter structures, new fuels or hybrid and electric propulsion. All systems must go through a long and expensive certification process.

Revolution is underway in the Space sector.

The one time monopoly of the richest countries has been infiltrated by private companies, opening the way for commercial satellite launch and space exploration.

The challenge is how to build robust launchers and satellites, make them cheaper to operate, and be able to survive the stress of a launch or the harsh conditions of space.


The recent escalation of geopolitical tensions is fostering military research.

The defense sector is in need of assets that can survive the theatre of war, maximize combat readiness, and exploit new capabilities of sensors and autonomous systems to increase precision and impact.

When it comes to defense technology, an advantage gained today is far more fleeting than in previous generations. That’s why it’s not enough to get ahead; the real imperative is to stay ahead and create systems that support rapidly evolving technology.

But this requires radical change, digital transformation. Simulation solutions are essential for digital transformation because they accelerate innovative leaps, reduce costs, and mitigate risks — all of which enable organizations to create better products faster.


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By simulating the results of each print run — before we actually commit materials and machine time — we are substantially lowering our risk exposure

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