EDRMedeso HFSS Expert Excels at Inaugural Awards

We were thrilled to hear earlier this month that our Lead HFSS Engineer Fatemeh Hoveizavi had been nominated in not just one but six categories (Mentor of the Year, Leader of the Year, Unsung Hero, Woman of the Year, Woman of the Year – Design Focused, Technical Excellence)  in the inaugural Electronics Weekly ‘Women Leaders in Electronics’ Awards which took place in London at the end of April.


In the midst of over 200 industry professionals, the most influential and high standing women in the electronics sector were recognised for the work, commitment and amazing achievements that contribute to the electronics sector and beyond. And we are delighted that Fatemeh was highly commended for her contribution to technical excellence.


Fatemeh has been with EDRMedeso for nearly two years, not only as a pivotal team member but also as an innovator in her field. Her expertise in High-Frequency Structural Simulator (HFSS)

engineering has been deployed across many successful customer projects, setting benchmarks in technical excellence. Fatemeh’s work often helps customers bridge the gap between complex electromagnetic simulations and real-world applications, ensuring that these solutions are not only theoretically sound but also practically viable.

Her dedication extends beyond her day-to-day role. As an executive committee member of the ARMMS RF and Microwave Society, Fatemeh has been instrumental in shaping industry standards and practices. Her commitment to mentoring young professionals, particularly women in electronics, underscores her role as an influencer for inclusivity in technology.


The nominations Fatemeh has received for the Electronics Weekly ‘Women Leaders in Electronics’ Awards are a reflection of her integral role and positive influence within the electronics community. These accolades highlight her unwavering dedication to excellence, mentorship, and leadership.


As we celebrate her achievements, we also look forward to the continued innovation and leadership she brings to our team and the broader electronics industry. Fatemeh’s story is not just one of personal success but an inspiring example of how dedication and expertise can elevate an entire community.


Congratulations Fatemeh, we are all really proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to celebrate with you!