Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers have been used for many years in different applications. Typically we find them in HVAC, refrigeration, power generation, and chemical processing. From an environmental point of view, they are important for us in order to make use of residues of heat and reuse.

Exploring Thermal Energy Transfer in Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger transfers thermal energy between fluids without mixing them. Designing a heat exchanger involves considering factors like thermal fatigue, FSI, fluid flow, and phase transitions. Interaction between components impacts system performance, such as in a carnot cycle.

Heat exchangers have various designs, typically involving tubes or plates for fluid flow and conduction-based heat transfer. Examples include car radiators and condensers/evaporators in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Improved Thermal Performance


Ansys simulation tools can help you optimize the design of your heat exchanger to achieve better thermal performance and efficiency. By accurately modeling fluid flow and heat transfer, you can identify areas of improvement and make informed design decisions.

Reduced Development Costs


Ansys simulation tools can help you save time and resources by identifying potential design issues early on in the development process. By catching problems before the physical prototype stage, you can avoid costly rework and delays.

Enhanced Reliability and Durability


Ansys simulation tools can help you evaluate the structural integrity and durability of your heat exchanger design. By analyzing stresses, fatigue, and deformation, you can identify potential failure points and design for longer-lasting and more reliable equipment.

Increased Innovation


Ansys simulation tools can help you explore new and innovative heat exchanger designs that may have been too risky or expensive to try in the past. By simulating various design iterations, you can quickly assess the feasibility and potential benefits of new concepts.


How We Can Help

We enable our customers to design better products, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market. At EDRMedeso we are committed to driving innovation by providing leading simulation technologies powered by knowledge transfer.

We can assist you in developing customized workflows to solve complex heat exchanger problems specific to your industry or application. Our team of experienced engineers and simulation experts can provide expert guidance on simulation setup, analysis, and interpretation.

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