Ansys optiSLang – Process Integration & Design Optimization

If you want to reduce repetitive, manual work, increase your product insight and produce better, more robust products, then optiSLang is the tool for you. State-of-the-art algorithms for design exploration, optimization, robustness, and reliability analysis let you make better decisions with less effort using design optimization software.

In OptiSLang, you can create automated workflows based on the tools you already use. It does not matter what vendor you use, optiSLang supports more than a 100 commercial software, not at all limited to the Ansys portifolio. This means that you for example can couple an in-house design tool in Excel, with CAD capabilities in e.g. Inventor, and simulations in Fluent.

On top of the automated workflow you can place the various modules for sensitivity analyses, optimization, robustness and reliability.

  • A sensitivity analysis give insight into the performance of your product based on design changes, different operating conditions and loads, as well as production uncertainties and tolerances.

  • In an optimization procedure, you try to find the best possible design, given a set of objectives and constraints. This can be to minimize stresses or masses, or to be below a critical temperature during operation.

  • Robustness and reliability analyses expand on the above, to include probabilities and tolerances. How sure can you be that your finished product acts as predicted, when real-life uncertainties are taken into account?

You can even use optiSLang to process experimental data, either as a pure data processing tool, using sensitivity analyses, optimization and more, or to calibrate your numerical simulations. If you have data, you can create value with optiSLang!

Question and Answer from “Coffee with an expert – optiSLang session”

Q: Can you create stress plots in optislang (ansys mechanical is used in the background)?

A: Yes, there are some, advanced, functionalities where you can plot field variables in the optislang GUI. And in general, everything you can do in Mechancial can be exported to optislang. This means that you can export a plot of stresses for each design in your sensitivity analysis.

Q: If I have an optislang workflow running CFD can it submit jobs to RSM?

A: Yes. You can choose solver type of your own choice, local, RSM etc. There is a Putty integration for connection to Linux clusters.

By Erik Tengs, EDRMedeso

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