Autonomous Systems

With so many technical barriers between modern vehicle systems and full automation, simulation is necessary to solve critical design challenges in the areas of autonomy system definition, hardware development, software development and especially system validation.


A Safer, More Efficient World with Autonomous Systems

  • 94% reduction in traffic fatalities
  • 13% lower transportation costs per household with shared autonomous vehicles
  • 12% less energy consumption plus lower emissions with electric autonomous vehicles
  • 35% less parking space required in cities

Completely autonomous vehicles have the potential to nearly eliminate passenger vehicle crashes and the attendant damages to people and property. The benefits of automated driving are obvious, but real-world vehicles will need to overcome a lot of technical hurdles. Moving the autonomous industry forward will require a mix of simulation and real-world testing.

Autonomy's Limitless Potential Requires Unprecedented Engineering Innovation

Safe Autonomous Vehicles (AV) require lots of testing – autonomous vehicles would need to be driven for billions of miles to show performance across real-world scenarios.

AVs require an order-of-magnitude increase in complexity – modern cars have roughly 100 million lines of embedded software code. Estimates suggest that AVs will need 1 billion lines of code.

AVs will need to be accessible to the general public – the cost of ADAS and AV sensors and software will need to decrease to be affordable for consumers.

Time to production is limited and demand is high – with 45% of vehicles sold by 2030 projected to be highly automated, significant automation improvements are required in the next 10 years.

Ansys simulation software can help engineers solve these problems in record time and with minimal cost by automatically generating code, demonstrating safety standards compliance and by minimizing the number of real-world miles required to prove efficacy.


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Ansys medini analyze has streamlined and accelerated functional safety analysis for hardware, software and systems — delivering possible efficiencies including an up to 50% reduction in the time devoted to these tasks.

— Kamil Svancara / Cyber Security Manager, ZF Friedrichshafen AG