Perfect engineering

by Digital Labs

This is what we do: Perfect engineering

We assist organizations in optimizing their product development process by fully or partially replacing lab tests and physical prototyping with advanced simulation.
By delivering leading software and knowledge transfer, we enable customers to identify problems and flaws early on in the design process and thereby initiate design changes, improving both performance and cutting cost. The entire design process is more efficient, numerous designs may quickly be evaluated and last but not least, creative and innovative engineering is greatly facilitated.

Take charge of your design risks

August 20, 2018

By Jani Ojala, Country Manager of EDRMedeso in Finland and the United KingdomAlmost every company I’ve met over the last 10 years have endured warranty costs and lost deals due to lack of qualit...

The Future of Electrification in the Automotive Industry

For as long as combustion engines have been powering automotives around the world, the answer has always been fuel. But are we seeing a revolutionary change in the way we power our cars?Amidst a t...

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