Productivity Tools

Our Productivity Tools can assist you in making informed design decisions, optimizing bolts and welds, and automating report writing. These tools are integrated into Ansys Mechanical, allowing you to efficiently set up, solve, and visualize bolt and weld results. With the Productivity Tools, you can test various engineering concepts for complex loading scenarios and quickly obtain results, rather than struggling to do so.

How our Productivity Tools solve common simulation pains

Time to market


Speed up Time to Market with custom features for pre and post processing bolts and welds including reporting. Defining bolts/welds without CAD, with bolt/weld utilization plotted on the model. Specific bolt/weld reports can be generated with a single button click.

Human Errors


Avoid Human Errors by replacing manual repetitive work in pre and post processing with tailored apps and features. Get recommended settings and automatic evaluation with no manual bookkeeping of data. Results displayed in easy-to-understand quantities such as Life, Safety factor, Utilization.

Diversified Team


The Productivity Tools have a unified workflow for consistent output independent of user to avoid a Diversified Team. Inputs and outputs are immediately identified by clear property names, automatic result reports and detailed documentation.

Custom Criteria


The Productivity Tools have an open API to allow for Customization. Implement your custom bolt designs, Evaluation Criteria, report templates etc. Results are plotted on the geometry and easy to read automatic reports gives all the details.

Code Evaluation

Strength and fatigue analysis of bolts and welds according to e.g. Eurocode 3, IIW, AWS, DNV or Custom codes. Results plotted on the model for all bolts/welds for individual or maximum over all load steps. Automatic report of bolt/weld properties and results including all details of dimensional strength values and maximum stress details.

End Verification

Quickly manage design point studies and optimization for bolts and welds without CAD and mesh update. Find min allowed weld sized or max weld utilization for all welds and all load cases in one result. Find max bolt utilization for all bolts, all load cases and all criteria in one result. Test to see how different bolt class influence the result.


Automatic Report creation using customer Word template. Report is updated in real time, if a new geometry or load is analyzed in a design point study. Report is a true image of analysis, good for third party analysis review.

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