Businesses today face an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving market. That’s why all our services are designed to help our clients increase their competitive edge, reach their sustainability goals, and leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Our customers can trust us to help them navigate the complex and ever-changing business landscape, and we are dedicated to providing them with the support they need to achieve success.


We can support you in all stages of the product life cycle; from method development and training of staff, through joint industry research projects, and deployment of IoT-based Digital Twin solutions in the Cloud.

At the core of this is our Business Consulting that take you through a structured process that will increase the value of simulation in your company significantly.

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EDRMedeso have a strong collaboration with several universities in the Nordic and UK and carry out basic research in various topics, like hydropower, additive manufacturing and electrification.



Project Consulting

As software supplier we often collaborate with our customers in live projects. We are not a pure consultancy office – we are motivated to leave more than just reports with the customers. Our projects often lead to competence and method development, which increase the value of our customers software investment.

Software Customization

We develop apps/add-ins and toolkits based on your needs, and can adapt the software for maximum productivity. We can automate the simulation process with the creation of custom guided processes (e.g. “wizards”). Learn more about our productivity tools here

Benefits of Using Our Services

Time to Market


Time to market challenges, resulting in delayed product launches, can be caused by extended development time, lack of coordination and communication, and external factors such as market conditions and regulatory requirements. By partnering with us, businesses can benefit from a more efficient development process and bring products and services to market faster.

Development Cost


Development cost is a common challenge for businesses, as it can be expensive to design and develop new products or services. EDRMedeso enable businesses to achieve a more cost-effective development process, allowing them to bring their products and services to market more affordably.

Risk Perspective


Simulation projects come with inherent risks such as inaccurate results, insufficient validation, and suboptimal performance. Our team of experts also provides guidance throughout the simulation process, identifying potential areas of risk and developing strategies to mitigate them.


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We are dedicated to providing professional technical training, support and consulting.

Who We Have Helped

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This is not a competition, it is actually an opportunity to deliver what is expected of us in the near future.

— Hege Brende / CEO of Rainpower

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EDRMedeso’s guided Simulation Leadership Advisory process has given us an invaluable insight into our current situation and identified our simulation strengths and weaknesses. These insights are creating a stable launch pad and show us how best to proceed up the simulation maturity curve and make our new simulation strategy come alive.

— Frederik Dynesen / Department Head R&D, Haas Meincke A/S (Part of Buhler Group)

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We have only one winter per year…we have to shorten the entire process. Shortest ideas, shortest prototyping…with Discovery, modelling happens earlier in the process. It's a real game-changer.

— Nicolas Puget / Research & Innovation Manager, Rossignol

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For the considered application, NCS performs clearly better than currently used surrogate models and therefore we see the potential of NCS for more use-cases.

— Roland Schirrmacher / Bosch

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For just one new pump design Grundfos was able to cut 30 percent in overall development time and achieve significant savings in physical prototyping costs.

— Jacob Vernersen / Senior Manager

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What you guys have done with your training portal is nothing short of amazing! The flexibility it provides for new engineers on boarding, and the depth of advanced content, is unparalleled. Thank you!

— Lead Engineer / Terex

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