Digital Twin and IoT

EDRMedeso creates Digital Twins using prototypes equipped with physics models, engineering expertise, and data analytics. By feeding real-time data, we predict asset performance and maintenance needs. With Analytics for IoT, you can gain insights and make informed decisions faster and more cost-effectively. Our fully-managed service applies existing knowledge to your analytics needs, eliminating the need for time-consuming model building.


How We Can Help

We enable our customers to design better products, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market. At EDRMedeso we are committed to driving innovation by providing leading simulation technologies powered by knowledge transfer.

We support you throughout the process by addressing the design, maintenance, and operation of physical assets connected through Digital Twins, utilizing Analytics for IoT by EDRMedeso and Ansys Twin-Builder, along with other relevant EDRMedeso services.


EDRMedeso Analytics for IoT

By using Analytics for IoT, you will get predictive insights without the hassle of developing and training machine learning models. Analytics for IoT leverage all the existing knowledge you have within your company, by using design and verification material as ‘the model’ and then take in live IoT Data to dynamically simulate coming machine failures – and warn before failure has happened.

Ansys Twin Builder

Ansys Twin Builder is a software platform that creates and simulates digital twins, which are virtual models of physical systems. It enables engineers to analyze the performance of complex systems like engines, turbines, and manufacturing processes. Ansys Twin Builder uses advanced modeling techniques to create accurate digital twins, which can be used to diagnose problems […]


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It seems like your Analytics for IoT is so easy to use that we hardly need any support at all to get up and running. Within days, we were able to produce valuable insight from limited sensor data.

— Troels Jepsen / Senior Manager, Electronics Design & Simulation