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By using Analytics for IoT, you will get predictive insights without the hassle of developing and training machine learning models. Analytics for IoT leverage all the existing knowledge you have within your company, by using design and verification material as ‘the model’ and then take in live IoT Data to dynamically simulate coming machine failures – and warn before failure has happened.

No More Mistakes with Predictive Data

Analytics for IoT is a fully managed service that applies knowledge to your analytics needs, removing the need for building and training models to recognize patterns – and deliver predictions. The knowledge we apply often already exist from R&D work done, so not only is it faster – it’s also a cheaper way to achieve good quality Predictive Data.

A smarter, faster, and cheaper way get insights to make better decisions based on IoT Data.

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Key Features

Analytics for IoT is a Small Data driven SaaS solution that based on existing company product knowledge, enable generation of predictive data, driven by live IoT data, enabling:

  • Estimating Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
  • Starting up a ‘as-a-service’ business
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Spare part Management
  • Investment Planning


Leverage Design and Simulation Information Available


Use Models That Already Exist


Analytics for IoT Needs Very Little Sensor Data


Data for Predictive Maintenance, Design Feedback, etc.


Delivered as a SaaS solution


Virtual Sensors Deliver New Data

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Jesper Jønsson

Business Manager, IoT & Innovation

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It seems like your Analytics for IoT is so easy to use that we hardly need any support at all to get up and running. Within days, we were able to produce valuable insight from limited sensor data.

— Troels Jepsen / Senior Manager, Electronics Design & Simulation