Electric Motors

The development of high-performance efficient electrical machines is an important part of the move toward electrification and energy efficiency. More than 95% of global electricity production comes from different types of electromechanical generators, and electric motors account for more than 40% of electricity consumption worldwide

Optimized Electric Machine Designs with Simulation Tools

Simulation is essential for designing complex electric machines. Ansys tools offer accurate, optimized designs for performance, cost, and efficiency. Ansys Motor-CAD enables early-stage multiphysics analysis and pairs with Ansys optiSLang for optimization.

Ansys Maxwell handles detailed electromagnetic analysis and 3D simulations. Coupled with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Fluent, it covers structural, NVH, and thermal analysis, including cooling system design. Reduced order models aid fast system-level investigations.

Integrating Ansys tools optimizes electric machine design through multiphysics simulation in early and detailed stages. It ensures accurate designs, performance optimization, and fast investigations of motor-component interactions.


Template-Based Design

Noise-Vibration Reduction


Thermal Management with System Cooling Optimization


2D and 3D FE Electromagnetic Analysis


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We enable our customers design better products, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market. At EDRMedeso we are committed to driving innovation by providing leading simulation technologies powered by knowledge transfer.

We provide customized consultancy, training, and development of simulation workflows from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal, and mechanical analyses of the motor.

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