Ansys Motion

Ansys Motion is a next-generation engineering solution based on flexible multibody dynamics. It enables fast and accurate analysis of rigid and flexible bodies and gives accurate evaluation of physical events through the analysis of the mechanical system as a whole.

Ansys Motion is a new paradigm in flexible multibody dynamics (MBD).

Ansys Motion is a completely integrated simulation environment for both component and system modelling. It provides fast and accurate analysis for both rigid and flexible bodies, simultaneously, all form a single solver. System motion performance, stress-safety analysis, heat transfer, vibration and fatigue are integral.

Perform simulations in Ansys Motion in the same interface as your regular structural analysis. One model can be re-used for many purposes, resulting in huge time savings. Specs include the Ansys Motion Links modeler for tracked vehicles, FE Dynamics tools, and more.

Key Features


Ansys Motion is the most robust and advanced solution for multibody dynamic system design and includes:

  • Multibody dynamics analysis
  • Finite element dynamics
  • Modal based flexibility
  • Car toolkit
  • Links toolkit
  • Drivetrain toolkit
  • Parametric gear creation
  • Bearing library
  • Easyflex toolkit
  • MATLAB interface


Realistic Simulation


ANSYS Motion provides a realistic simulation of mechanical systems, allowing you to predict their behavior under different loading conditions. This can help you identify potential issues and optimize designs for better performance.

Multi-physics Capabilities

ANSYS Motion offers multi-physics capabilities, allowing you to simulate the interaction between mechanical, thermal, and fluid systems. This can help you better understand how different systems affect each other and optimize designs accordingly.

Reduced Physical Prototyping


ANSYS Motion can reduce the need for physical prototyping by allowing you to simulate and test designs virtually. This can save time and money by identifying potential issues early in the design process.

Improved Productivity


ANSYS Motion offers a user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows, making it easier to set up and run simulations. This can help you increase productivity and efficiency in the design process.

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We have only one winter per year…we have to shorten the entire process. Shortest ideas, shortest prototyping…with Discovery, modelling happens earlier in the process. It's a real game-changer.

— Nicolas Puget / Research & Innovation Manager, Rossignol

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Neles CFD experts have been largely freed from routine valve design, and can instead focus on more challenging issues.

— Tommi Bergström / Neles

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By simulating the results of each print run — before we actually commit materials and machine time — we are substantially lowering our risk exposure

— Jordan Noone / Relativity Space

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For just one new pump design Grundfos was able to cut 30 percent in overall development time and achieve significant savings in physical prototyping costs.

— Jacob Vernersen / Senior Manager