Learn more about the latest software updates for our flexible multi-body dynamics solver, Ansys Motion – available in Ansys Mechanical from version 19.3 and onwards. Sign up for this informative webinar today.

Ansys Motion is a flexible multi-body dynamics simulation tool allowing users to accurately analyze rigid and flexible bodies within a single solver system. This tool is handy for applications with multiple parts working together within a single physical system, such as heavy machinery; automotive applications like gears, belts, and powertrains; medical devices, and more.

What You Will Learn

For 2023 R2 software updates, Ansys Motion has substantial enhancements, which include

  • Preprocessing Enhancement – Condensed part for multiple flexible bodies, assembled via contacts and joints
  • Postprocessing Enhancement –  3D format pressure, velocity, and friction contour plots are available on contacts with both flexible and rigid faces
  • Solver – Improvements in Contact algorithm and high-speed rotation problems result in greater accuracy
  • NVH Workflow – Motion vibration files can be sent directly to Ansys Sound for acoustics analysis, and psychoacoustic indicators study

Who Should Attend

Mechanical engineers


Devashish Sarkar

Time: 17.00 – 18:00 CEST

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