Ansys Fluent

As part of the Ansys Fluids family of products, Ansys Fluent gives you the capability to accurately model fluid flows and related phenomena like heat transfer, chemical reactions, and fluid-structure interaction. By using CFD simulations  for your product you can reduce energy losses, optimize design and process parameters, ensure safe operating conditions, and much more.

Accurately Model Product Flows

Ansys Fluent is a versatile CFD tool that enables engineers to solve problems ranging from simple to complex multiphysics challenges. It provides a user-friendly interface for modeling various phenomena, such as turbulence, heat transfer, and multi-phase flows, all within the same platform. Moreover, Fluent can be coupled with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Maxwell for fluid-structural interaction and cooling simulations, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of applications in different industrial sectors.

To improve productivity, Fluent offers parallel meshing and HPC scalability, and its multi-GPU solver enables even faster and more energy-efficient computations. Additionally, automation through scripting removes tedious and error-prone tasks, allowing for more time to focus on value-added analysis.

Key Features

  • PyFluent expansion: Enabling further automation possibilities through Python scripts
  • Unique multi-GPU solver makes simulation FAST:  6 GPUs provide the same perfomance as more than 2 000 CPUs and consume 4 times less energy at a fraction of the hardware cost compared to an equivalent CPU cluster.
  • Designing Next Generation Electric Powertains Using CFD
  • Gas Turbine Combustion Meshing


Fast and Accurate Simulations


Optimize Performance of Products and Processes


Inspiring New Innovations


Automate Tasks, Focus on Problem-Solving


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