Training Calendar


View a calendar of our available courses below. Instructor led classroom and online training courses in: Ansys Mechanical, Fluent, Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Discovery, Ansys SCADE, Sherlock, Granta, Motor-CAD, Ansys HFSS, Rocky DEM and more.

Available Ansys Training Courses

Ansys Structures

  • Acoustics with Ansys Workbench
  • Ansys Additive Solutions
  • Ansys AIM
  • Ansys APDL for Workbench

Ansys Fluids

  • Design, Simulation and Optimisation of Turbomachines with Ansys CFD
  • Aeroacoustics with Ansys FLUENT
  • Ansys CFD with CFX
  • Ansys CFD with Fluent
  • Ansys ICEM CFD
  • FLUENT Multiphase Flows
  • FLUENT Turbulence Modelling
  • Ansys APDL for Workbench

Ansys Electronics

  • Ansys Maxwell 2D-3D
  • Ansys Simplorer
  • Ansys PEXprt
  • Ansys HFSS
  • Ansys Icepak
  • Ansys SIwave
  • Motor Design with Ansys Maxwell

Ansys Platform

  • Ansys DesignModeler
  • Ansys SpaceClaim