Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery revolutionizes design workflows, enabling early decision-making to accelerate time to market. With its intuitive graphical interface and advanced upfront simulation capabilities, engineers can seamlessly explore diverse design concepts in real time. It also allows the engineer to quickly prepare models for further in-depth simulations in Ansys flagship tools like Mechanical and Fluent.

Innovating Faster with Real-Time Design Exploration

The product design process typically involves a lot of iterations. Today, the time from when a design is proposed by the design engineer until it gets evaluated, either by simulation or physical testing, is quite long. Ansys Discovery, with its easy-to-use upfront simulation capabilities allows the design engineer to explore its design in real time.

The strength of Ansys Discovery’s simulation capabilities is that they are fast, intuitive and easy to use. Letting the engineer explore various design options in real time and make data-driven decision without having to rely on testing or traditional simulation resources. Reducing the design iteration from days to minutes.

Key Features

Ansys Discovery allows you to break free from the limitations of traditional design workflow, by offering a connection between your CAD software and the Ansys Simulation environment. Allowing a streamlined workflow with a digital thread from CAD to simulation.

  • Fast, intuitive, easy-to-use simulation capabilities
  • Quickly explore multiple design variations
  • Enables connectivity between CAD and Simulation software


Accelerated Time to Market


Efficient Model Preparation


Advanced Multipysics Upfront Simulation


Seamless CAD Integration

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Klas Johansson

Business Development Manager

I have been working with Ansys CFD over the past 20 years and followed the development of the tools we use on a daily basis. My focus has been mainly on CFX and Fluent and the different flavors of tools in the Ansys portfolio for pre- and post processing.

Over the years the focus has shifted from working primarily in the support team to the presales team, supporting the sales process. The sales process is also developing rapidly and instead of purely focusing on specific tools I promote the full portfolio of products that we utilize to assist the whole product development process.

Who We Have Helped

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We have only one winter per year…we have to shorten the entire process. Shortest ideas, shortest prototyping…with Discovery, modelling happens earlier in the process. It's a real game-changer.

— Nicolas Puget / Research & Innovation Manager, Rossignol