Ansys CFX

As part of the Ansys Fluids family of products, Ansys CFX is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that enables engineers and researchers to simulate fluid flows, heat transfer, and other related phenomena in a wide range of applications. It uses a finite volume method to discretize the governing equations of fluid flow and solves them numerically to predict the behavior of fluids in complex geometries.

Visualizing and Analyzing Simulation

With Ansys CFX, users can model a variety of fluid flow scenarios, including turbulent flows, multiphase flows, and combustion processes. It also includes advanced features for heat transfer simulations, such as conjugate heat transfer and radiation heat transfer. Ansys CFX can be used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and biomedical engineering.

The software offers a user-friendly interface and powerful post-processing tools for visualizing and analyzing simulation results. It also supports customization through its scripting capabilities, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks and develop their own simulation workflows.

Key Features

Solve a variety of fluids-related problems with high levels of accuracy and unmatched speed

  • Blade design and optimization
  • Aeromechanics
  • Industry leading turbulence modeling
  • Nuclear Wall boiling
  • Advanced material modeling


Accurate Predictions


Ansys CFX uses advanced numerical methods and models to accurately simulate complex fluid dynamics and heat transfer phenomena.

Faster Design Iterations


CFD simulations with Ansys CFX can help engineers quickly test and optimize design concepts without the need for expensive physical testing.

Cost Savings


By optimizing designs with Ansys CFX, engineers can potentially reduce material and manufacturing costs, and improve the overall efficiency of their products.

Wide Range of Applications


Ansys CFX can be used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and biomedical engineering, making it a versatile tool for many different applications.

Case Study

ARC Utilizes Ansys Simulation to Increase Efficiency in the Development of 3D-printed Rocket Engines

With the importance of quick investigation into design performance, engineering simulation is an integral part of ARC’s operational environment and the space/defense industry

Find out how ARC used simulation to create truly innovative and optimal designs for the industry.

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Senior specialist, CFD working on digitalization and simulation strategy focusing on developing simulation methodology for CFD, democratization, model development and model validation, simulation driven development, model based system engineering etc.

Who We Have Helped

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The integrated electronic-photonic workflow provided by Ansys to co-design and co-simulate Silicon Photonics and CMOS chips is an indispensable tool to speed up our design process and results in better chips with fewer errors and a shorter time to market

— Jinsung Youn, Research Scientist - Large-Scale Integrated Photonics / Hewlett Packard Labs

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The speed and accuracy provided by OpticStudio has made us more confident about the full performance of our optomechanical designs. We’ve used Ansys Zemax, for over 15 years. We’re always pleased with the tools they present for helping optical engineers work together effectively.

— Milan Matela, Senior R&D Optical Designer / Meopta-optika s.r.o.

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Because Ansys Speos allows us to use our 3D CAD product as an add-on, we can perform a simulation without sacrificing the accuracy. This is one of the key aspects we liked.

— Asami Yonezawa, Senior Specialist - Mazda Craftsmanship Development Group / Mazda Motor Corporation

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This is finally a super easy way to solve CFD jobs in cloud.

— Anonymous / Beta User

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This is not a competition, it is actually an opportunity to deliver what is expected of us in the near future.

— Hege Brende / CEO of Rainpower

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We have been on CARE Business for one year and just recently renewed for another year. The major benefits we see are the prompt responses of the support team, which in combination with the Training Portal are very helpful ways to resolve issues and give good tips. The Weld and Bolt toolkit for Ansys Mechanical offers many possibilities and we are aiming to set up a simulation report template with the Report Generator app. Looking ahead, we are aiming to explore the compute power of CloudConnect and Rescale which also comes with the CARE Program. We are in the process of building an analysis team. We believe the partnership which comes with CARE will be an asset during this process as well as future initiatives.

— Rebecca Jade van Linschoten, Marine Structural Analysis Engineer / Imenco AS

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The CARE Program has been valuable for us, providing additional resources and guidance when needed. It has been particularly helpful in instances where we've encountered more complex computational fluid dynamics problems. What we appreciate about the program is the support we've received when we've faced challenges. This has been useful in helping us keep our projects moving forward.

— Armin Parsian, Chief Mechanical Engineer / 1X Technologies

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Ansys Granta Selector™ has given us more knowledge about the environmental impact of our products and where we should focus our attention in the development of new ones. Ansys Granta Selector also helped us to verify whether it is sustainable for us to gather used filters from customers to optimize the recycling process.

— Alexander Hjertström / CEO & Founder / Airinum