Additive manufacturing – making it possible to produce working parts with intricate shapes

Additive manufacturing (AM) has the potential to revolutionize industrial manufacturing by making it possible to produce working parts with intricate shapes that would be impossible to fabricate using traditional “machining” techniques. But the progress of AM has been slower than predicted because:

  • It has been based largely on trial and error methods
  • Manufacturers often do not understand or trust the properties of AM materials

ANSYS has removed these barriers by offering a suite of tools for simulation-driven additive manufacturing — the only simulation suite offering “design-to-print” capabilities for AM. ANSYS simulation solutions remove the uncertainty of AM by walking you through each step of the process:

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing: CAD geometry creation, faceted data editing and smoothing tools, latticing of structures for light-weighting, topological optimization, design validation
  • Print Design: automatic support generation, physics-driven stress-based support structure design
  • Print Process Simulation: analysis for a given machine, material, geometry, orientation and set of process parameters; determination of residual stresses and distortion; distortion compensation to correct the part geometry for build distortion; build failure prediction
  • In-Depth Microstructure Prediction: detailed (melt-pool level) thermal history during printing, residual stress-strain, defect generation, melt pool characteristics, crystal structure

By replacing trial and error with virtual simulation and including materials-based properties for AM, ANSYS simulation solutions increase design speed and give the confidence you need in the final structural properties of each part that you manufacture using AM.





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