Ansys goes Open Source

Hi, I´m Magnus Gustafsson and have been working with Ansys all my professional life and during the last eight years at EDRMedeso one of my main focus has been customization and developing extensions or apps for Ansys Mechanical.

Magnus Gustafsson, Senior Technical Consultant, EDRMedeso

Last week we held a successful series of technical deep dive webinars for our updated productivity apps to showcase how to speed up time to market, perform detailed bolt and weld analyses according to Eurocode 3 and create reports on the fly direct in Mechanical. You may find out more about those products on our home page EDRMedeso-Appstore, but that is not why I’m excited today.

Ansys Open Source

I’m passionate about developing new ways of working with a simulation that will help our customers to improve their products. With the latest blog post from Ansys, Ansys Gets Into Open Source With GitHub we get a glimpse of the future where we may use the Ansys products as a plugin in a simulation process driven from Python with the aid of the PyAnsys project on GitHub.

By combining the state of art solvers from Ansys with the creative Open Source community at GitHub and EDRMedeso simulation knowledge we now have a common catalyst for generating new and better solutions together, and this catalyst is of course Python. Instead of parsing text input and output files back and forth, we can now connect the simulation engine direct to your application in a custom workflow. This might be driving template-based simulations from a web page and solving on a cloud HPC cluster or to connect IoT sensor data to feed new load case data to a digital twin model running in real-time with Ansys connected as a service through this new API or why not create your own AI and train it on your parametric designs to obtain new insights about your products.

What would you like to see next? Let me know and feel free to reach out to me!

Published by Magnus Gustafsson, Senior technical consultant Ansys products at EDRMedeso