Beyond Simulation: Supplementing a Virtual Lab with DEM Technology

Rocky DEM helps Sandvik design optimal rock crushing and screening equipment.

To decrease reliance on physical testing for rock-handling equipment, Sandvik’s product R&D team needed to couple its existing structural simulation tools with accurate discrete element modeling software. Rocky DEM was the perfect solution to overcome this challenge.

Implementing Rocky DEM into our portfolio allows us to be a bit braver when it comes to design concepts, because we will be able to test many more ideas virtually to find the one that works best. An added benefit is that simulation knowledge about how the product and system work together will be saved in a digital library, which can trigger new ideas and better products.”

Mattias Olsson

R&D Manager at Sandvik


To develop robust, efficient rock-handling equipment that draws less power, Sandvik needed an accurate discrete element modeling tool that decreased the company’s reliance on physical testing. The R&D team required DEM software that included breakage models and coupled with its existing multiphysics portfolio. Engineers also expected to develop a way to leverage simulation results for future projects.

Rocky’s Role

The engineering team performed test cases to ensure that Rocky DEM software could accurately solve problems encountered in the company’s R&D effort. It also developed a digital test lab that would capture data and simulation insight, including real world conditions and responses as well as processing details.


Using Rocky DEM’s advanced capabilities enables Sandvik to reduce its reliance on physical testing, leading quickly to innovative, energy-efficient solutions that customers demand. Consultants’ (ESSS and EDRMedeso) technical competence, advanced support and training resulted in a program that captures simulation knowledge, designed to reduce expensive trial-and-error methods.

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