Carnot – fueling the startup mindset with simulation

Ten years ago, I set up my own company. I had an idea I thought was worth pursuing so I left safety behind and jumped into the unknown.

It was a lot of hard work and uncertainty, but also freedom and at times it was very rewarding. So, I managed to get some experience about what it takes to bring your idea to something that you can live from. The company became part of EDRMedeso only two years later and I think that was one of my better moves

In any case, since then I have been curious about how some startups manage to realize game-changing innovations at impressive speed – and in particular, I’m interested if they do it by simulation of course.

The challenge for a startup is certainly different from larger enterprises, but maybe there are some things to learn from those challenges for everyone: the need for speed, limited financial and human resources, and the hard work of selling your innovation or service.

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With this in mind, it was with great anticipation that I met up with Carnot founders Archie Watts-Farmer and Nadiur Rahman on May 26, for a discussion on their experience from running a startup based on with challenges spanning from .

Carnot is a UK based startup and are developing game-changing power units with “twice the efficiency, half the fuel consumption & zero CO2 emissions”. Not a trivial task as it sounds, but Carnot have moved fast and are approaching the first physical prototype stage in just a few months.

When Covid-19 hit us early 2020, Carnot – like everyone else – first panicked for a short while, but quickly realized that they were already setup for working from home. Being organized around simulation driven product development, it was soon clear that they could stick more or less to the original plan.

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