EDRMedeso amongst leading industry partners to collaborate on COP26 Hope Sculpture: a showcase for a sustainable future with 75% lower carbon impact.

The Hope Sculpture is a showcase of how the construction industry can respond to build better and more sustainably as we transition to a net zero future.

Hope Sculpture. Steuart Padwick © Keith Hunter Photography

It is the centrepiece of three public art installations by Steuart Padwick located across Glasgow, UK, with each sculpture constructed using low carbon, reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials, of which, almost all have been locally sourced. It is a showcase of how industry, organisations and people are committed to build more sustainably, as we transition to a net zero future.

 “We all need to address this new global agenda so our young can embrace a future of hope. It is very simple, why would anyone want to poison their future?” Steuart Padwick

At 20m high, the monumental Hope Sculpture represents a beacon of hope and positivity towards reaching global environmental milestones, located in Clyde Gateway’s beautiful woodland park at Cuningar Loop. Its long, elegant columns take their form from the brick chimney stalks that once littered the East End of Glasgow. Unlike its predecessors, this deconstructed chimney stalk is made from an innovative new low carbon 100% cement free concrete incorporating locally sourced aggregates. On top of the columns is an age, gender, race neutral child, embracing the surrounding nature and is reaching out to a greener, hopeful future. It too is constructed using 100% cement free concrete and recycled crushed glass. Hidden from view, but significant also to the carbon impact of the build are re-claimed steel gas pipes used for the piling and recycled rebar, all contributing to the Hope Sculpture’s huge 75% lower carbon impact.

Commenting on the company’s involvement in the engineering simulation aspects of the project, Gary Panes, Managing Director at EDRMedeso UK said: “Projects like the Hope Sculpture are sources of inspiration for a sustainable future.  At EDRMedeso we are committed to building that future by enabling our customers to design better products, using fewer resources and creating less waste.”

 “The most remarkable thing about this project has been collaborating with these companies and individuals. Their integrity, drive and commitment to make a difference has been inspiring.”  Natalie Alexopoulos, Hope Project Director

The project, supported by Glasgow City Council is part of the official COP26 legacy and will form an important part of making a difference beyond COP.