Everything you wanted to know about attending an EDRMedeso training course but were afraid to ask

Helen Brearley

Communications, EDRMedeso

The ultimate guide to becoming an even more awesome engineer!


We’ve all been there, spent hours trying to figure out how to solve the most annoying software quirk, only to realize that if we’d attended that training course that we were too busy to go to, we maybe wouldn’t be wasting precious time on this annoying thing.

At EDRMedeso, we are enablers (we even mention that in our company tag line – People Enabling Innovation), as we know from experience that with the right tools and matching skillset, the possibilities are endless.

We also know that trying to get time or a budget towards enablement can be tricky or even awkward. Here’s our step-by-step guide to helping you get the support you need to become an even more awesome simulation engineer.


Demonstrating the need for training RIGHT NOW

  • highlight what’s changed.
  • your manager might be under the impression that there’s no need for new skills right now. It’s important to explain how the simulation landscape is changing and why you need training to perform well into the future.
  • make the need for training urgent – time stands still for no one and the sooner you upskill, the sooner that ROI kicks in.
  • tell your manager how technology changes are impacting your daily work. For example, you could mention that the latest release of Ansys gives so much more scope for productivity and workflow collaboration, how it contains brand new features that you know could be a game changer in this competitive landscape; you need to know how to stay ahead of the game – and the competition!


Promising the good results training will bring

Make the training deliverables relevant to your business – is there a priority for sustainability, maybe there is a focus on succession planning…

Think about your company’s goals and show how the training will accelerate your success. What challenges will the new skills help you overcome? What goals will the training help you achieve?

Some facts you can point out are:



  • attendees report higher productivity with EDRMedeso training
  • decision makers report that certified employees provide more value than the cost of training
  • companies with comprehensive training programs have a higher profit margin than those that spend less on training

Overcoming any objections

It’s natural for managers to raise some doubts. Don’t take it personally — they just want to be sure the training is good value for the company. You should be prepared for objections such as:


“This training isn’t affordable for us.”


Here you’ll need to do some research into how the course will provide more value than it costs. You can calculate how much faster you’ll be after the course, and how much money that will save the company.


“We need you working here, not out at a training centre.”

The classroom isn’t your only option. In fact, most of our courses are offered via instructor-led virtual training (We do offer classroom-based courses, either at one of our offices or at your chosen location – the choice is yours).

 “What if you take the training and then leave?”

It’s important to reaffirm your loyalty to the organisation. Explain that you want to grow your career with them. You might also offer to sign an agreement that you’ll continue for a set period after the training.

“How can we be sure this is a good training provider?”

At EDRMedeso, we are tested and measured by Ansys to make sure we attain high standards of training – read our BLOG to get an understanding of who we are. We also have a biography for each of our training course leaders (please ask us to provide details on the engineer who will be sharing their knowledge with you), engineers who have many years’ experience of industry and simulation software and who use Ansys on a daily basis.


Outlining your plan for training

Finally, you should set out a personal plan for what you can bring to the table after the course.

TIP: Expand these points with the specifics of your business, your role, and your training:

  • I’ll become a more productive and higher-quality employee
  • I’ll help my co-workers solve their workplace challenges
  • I’ll offer new ideas and perspectives to help the team improve


Ready to boost your effectiveness?

We are People Enabling Innovation.

Technology is only as valuable as the people trained to use it. That’s why we want to upskill you, your team, and your organisation — so you can harness simulation technology for positive, dynamic change.


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Helen Brearley

Communications, EDRMedeso