Latest Issue of Ansys Advantage Magazine 2022 Issue 3

Amplify the Power of Simulation – Ansys Advantage

 “These are all technologies that are beyond the physics, but they’re all of critical value to our customers.”

Jane Trenaman, Senior Director, Portfolio Product Management, at Ansys Inc. shares her thoughts on the themes addressed in this issue of Ansys Advantage magazine.

When Ansys began, more than 50 years ago, our goal was to help you use structural simulation to verify physical tests. Over the years, simulation came to be defined by the physics challenges being solved — structural, thermal, fluidic, optical, electromagnetic – and the Ansys product portfolio expanded, incorporating bestin-class physics simulation capabilities across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. Our goal was to help you answer the engineering challenges you faced.

Today, our goal is to help you design, develop, deliver, and operate the most innovative products and services imaginable using Ansys simulation. This requires more than just multiphysics. It requires many different people, processes, and systems that are often separated by geography, culture, expertise, and priorities. Consequently, our Ansys portfolio continues to expand. We now incorporate simulation technologies for collaboration and integration across the product life cycle— all the way from product requirements through early-phase ideation and conceptual design, to the detailed physical analysis, and the management of the product within its daily operating environment.

Simulation is a critical part of the solution to the biggest engineering challenges you face (including sustainability, autonomy, and electrification), as well as a fundamental element necessary for progress on your digital transformation journey.

This issue of Advantage focuses on the integrated products, services, and partners that make it easier for you to make that journey.

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