Report Generator app – Now updated

EDRMedeso productivity tools continues to develop. The Report Generator app for Ansys Mechanical is now updated with many new features to address common pains when reporting analysis work, especially with many different models from a parametric study.

Creating a report is usually the least exciting work a simulation engineer can imagine and still very important in documenting the decisions in product development. Thanks to the EDRMedeso app “Report Generator” this work can be much faster and more accurate as the report can be updated to reflect new parameter values and results including automatic parameter tables and more.


The report writing and documentation starts direct in Mechanical when pre and post processing the model. The report is then generated with a single button click. A geometry modification or new loads, no problem, just re-solve and click the report button again to deliver a new report with the latest results. You don’t have to select what analysis to report during the development process as you easily can report all at no extra cost!

New features

In the following movie the main new features are demonstrated on how to write formatted equations or insert parameter values and tables in the text that are automatically updated with new values when re-solving.

Get the Report Generator App here:

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Example report




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