Rocky 2023R1: An integrated solution for applications with particles and fluids

Experience improved particle and fluid simulations, fast setup, user-friendly SPH interface, and better Ansys integration.

Ansys announces Rocky 2023R1, the latest release of its multiphysics particle simulation software.

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The new SPH-DEM workflow combines the strength of Rocky DEM simulation with fast SPH setup. This combination puts the power of multi-GPUs and ease of use for both functionalities in a flexible interface for fluid simulations, including surface tension analysis for sprays and water jets.

Release highlights:

  • More efficient SPH-DEM simulation workflow, including an upgraded, unified user interface and fast setup of meshless CFD problems for modeling particle-laden free surface flows.

  • Increased applicability of both particle and fluid simulation via greater flexibility in geometry and problem setup for applications with inlets and outlets, fluid injections, and mass flow calculations within the domains and boundaries.

  • Usability improvement through expanded Rocky-Fluent two-way coupling in Ansys Workbench.

  • More predictively accurate heat transfer calculations for particle flows by including particle-wall heat transfer models in CFD-DEM calculations.

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