Simulation software ready when you need it with Rocky License as a Service

Predicting when engineers will need access to more software resources is a significant business challenge. A solution to meet those needs is Rocky License as a Service (LaaS), based on CADFEM LaaS proven technology. This flexible licensing model enables access to the powerful simulation software Rocky DEM for a limited period or on an occasional basis, with payment based on use, fitting your changing demands.

Engineers who need Rocky only for specific projects can benefit from making a license request as needed, and the only costs are through usage and professional support. The LaaS is also a perfect solution for companies in the decision-making stage for buying Rocky, allowing managers to test the actual software before making a larger investment.

Also, Rocky LaaS is an economical solution for everyone who uses Rocky in an individual and needs-based way. Double Precision Consultancy (DPC), specialised in the provision of advanced engineering simulation consultancy services, is currently benefiting from Rocky LaaS to overcome the limitations of current licensing models.

Our Rocky licencing requirements can fluctuate, and we often experience short-term peaks in demand for licence usage. Rocky LaaS provides us with the capacity that we need, when we need it, helping to ensure that we deliver our projects on time and within budget.

Dr. James Dean, Principal Consultant at DPC

Rocky on-demand

Users of Rocky LaaS benefit from receiving a flexible, pay-per-use licensing model that provides a direct license and fully capable software. The license assignment billing is accurate down to the exact second, allowing a transparent overview and complete cost control via account management and monitoring.

The flexibility of the solution allows usage extensions, single or multi-user capability,  GDPR compliance, and secure use – all data remains within the client’s network. Besides immediate and safe access to all Rocky’s features, the LaaS model includes expert support by maintenance and technical teams.
This cost-effective solution is also available through the power of cloud computing, HPC Cloud Platform. Using this platform, users have an alternative to buying expensive hardware when needing short-term extra computing power. ESSS’s cloud computing partners can instantly provide the best-possible processing power to accelerate simulation.

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