Toward Electrification in Oil & Gas Industry – The Role and Power of Engineering Simulation

EDRMedeso’s Digital Lab solutions are widespread in use for developement of products and processes in general, but becomes even more important when mature industries, like the Oil & Gas industry, change towards electrification.

Dr. Mostafa Valavi will give a presentation at the Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) in Bergen on June 6th with a presentation titled “Toward Electrification in Oil & Gas Industry – The Role and Power of Engineering Simulation” in the session track named “Green field / deep and ultra-deep subsea technology”.



Electrification has been an interesting and increasingly important topic in the oil and gas sector. There is now a strong global trend of electrification in various industries (particularly in transportation sector), due to both environmental and technical consideration. Also, in oil and gas sector, going electric (or even more electric) can offer distinct advantages in different applications. Electrification of oil and gas platforms and installations effectively contributes to reduce the emissions. In addition, more electric components and systems can potentially improve the reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of oil and gas systems. Interesting examples are electric actuator systems and more integrated subsea pumps.

Moving toward electrification and development of more electric products require strong R&D focus and this is where engineering simulation can have a significant role to accelerate the product development.

In this presentation, we will discuss how simulation can be effectively used in different applications related to electrification in oil & gas industry. We will specifically cover power systems and electromagnetic simulations and their coupling to structural and thermal simulations, enabling multiphysics simulation-based design and optimization. Another interesting topic to be addressed is system-level simulation, as this allows the analysis of system-level interactions and paves the way for development of digital twins.

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About Dr. Mostafa Valavi

Mostafa Valavi received PhD degree in electrical power engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2015. He worked at NTNU and Rolls-Royce in Trondheim before joining EDRMedeso in 2018. He is specialized in electromagnetic and electric power simulations and has several publications in international journals and conferences.

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