Climate Technology Company Stiesdal Uses CloudConnect to shorten Time-to-Results from Over-Night to Hours

Climate technology company Stiesdal wanted to adopt cloud computing for their structural simulations and turned to EDRMedeso for help.

It was decided that a combination of Rescale and EDRMedeso’s Rescale integration, CloudConnect, was the right choice for the company. By using the tools, they can use cloud with enough power to run their peak simulations and get results much faster than before, saving them valuable time. In this case study, we will explore why Stiesdal chose Rescale and CloudConnect, how the integration has come in handy, and the positive outcomes they achieved.

The Story of Stiesdal

Stiesdal is a climate technology company based in Denmark, that develops and commercializes technologies that help fight climate change. Since the company was founded by Henrik Stiesdal in 2016, they have focused on the development and production of floating foundations for wind turbines, a technology for biomass-based carbon capture and sequestration, a renewable energy storage solution and a low-cost hydrogen electrolyzer. With these technologies, the company aims to contribute to the fight against climate change with strong and affordable solutions available all over the world.

Jesper Thesbjerg works as a structural engineer at Stiesdal, and is a frequent user of Ansys Mechanical. In 2022 they turned to EDRMedeso to adopt cloud computing to further improve their processes and outcomes. They chose to try out both Rescale and EDRMedeso’s workflow integration CloudConnect. Thesbjerg was one of the first people at Stiesdal to start using the software and has seen all the positive changes it has brought to the company.

Why Stiesdal Chose Rescale and CloudConnect

Cloud computing is a trend that Stiesdal has been aware of for quite some time. Without it, all the simulations had to be run on the on-premises hardware, which inevitably came with limitations. As Thesbjerg noted:
Back in the days when we had large simulations then you needed to consider how large a model you could run. So, you could be limited there that you had to divide up your model if you didn't have powerful enough simulation hardware.
Adopting the hybrid solution of Rescale and CloudConnect – combining on-premises hardware with running larger simulations on the cloud – suited Stiesdal. They knew they wanted to tap into the flexibility that comes with having a hybrid solution – combining on-premises hardware with running larger simulations on the cloud.  As an added advantage, Rescale does not incur an upfront cost per user for simulations, but only charges for the time used. Thesbjerg explains their motivation for the choice:
It was the combination that made us choose Rescale. It is a smaller gap going into the cloud when you have CloudConnect, it saves time. Also, you cannot sit and wait an entire day for the simulation to run. So, if you are work dependent on a simulation then if you can have a faster simulation, you can save money on the time. If you need to use so many man hours, you can use it more efficiently.
Stiesdal’s motive to start using the cloud was to capture the fluctuations in simulation needs. They could thus use Rescale for the peak simulations, and CloudConnect would make the process of accessing the cloud even easier for the users.

How Stiesdal Use CloudConnect

The company then started to use CloudConnect for the structural simulations that they run through Rescale. Thanks to CloudConnect, as they want to run a simulation on the cloud it can be done in a click of a button. According to the structural engineer, they are now using the tool multiple times a day.
"CloudConnect has a simple and user-friendly setup. It's controlled from the software itself. You press submit and then when it's done you can just press download and then you have the results in Mechanical”, Thesbjerg explains.
Another feature that has been useful for Stiesdal is convergence monitoring – the possibility to check for mistakes early in the process, enabled by CloudConnect. In such a way they can have a fast check if the job is running as they are expecting, to be able to correct mistakes faster.

The Results

As Stiesdal started using Rescale combined with CloudConnect they were able to use cloud with enough power to get the results from the simulations faster and thus work more efficiently.
No doubt about that we can save time. You can have the results in a couple of hours instead of over the night.
We at EDRMedeso are proud to provide solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. If you want to know more about the tool, please visit our CloudConnect webpage where you can read more or contact our CloudConnect expert.

Lisa Jodlovsky

Product Marketer