Join us with Ansys in Cambridge on June 26th to see how pharmaceutical industry leaders leverage in silico approaches to address the unsustainable cost and time required to develop drug manufacturing, production scale, and drug delivery processes.

Why attend?

• Gain insight into in silico methodology and how engineering simulation and mechanistic modeling is accelerating innovation in healthcare and pharma
• Hear from leading industry speakers showcasing their use of Ansys simulation in process engineering and drug delivery
• Share experiences, knowledge, and best practices with industry peers
• Discuss your simulation challenges with Ansys experts
• Participate and engage in interactive networking opportunities

The In Silico Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Conference aims to celebrate engineering achievements by illuminating what’s possible through simulation. Discover the tools to optimize processes faster and with greater efficiency. And be inspired to design, build, and work in new ways that make your breakthrough ideas a reality.

In-depth sessions running throughout the day cover a wide range of subjects such as the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, integrating CFD and AI/ML for enhanced diagnostics, and democratizing CFD simulation for upstream mixing processes.

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