Ansys Minerva

Ansys Minerva is a system for managing both simulation data and the simulation process. With Minerva you can store simulation data in a secure location, keep track of the different versions and link all the data together into a digital tread. Minerva task management capabilities makes it easier to manage the simulation process and streamlining workflows which leads to increased efficiency.

Efficient Simulation Process and Data Management

The management of simulation data can pose challenges due to the involvement of multiple systems and file types. Ensuring confidence in simulation results requires the ability to trace back the results to the specific input used. To address these complexities, Minerva offers a comprehensive solution for tracking both simulation processes and data.

With Minerva’s task management capabilities, simulation workflows can be divided into tasks and assigned to respective users. This enables efficient tracking of ongoing work and streamlines simulation processes, leading to increased overall efficiency. Each task captures the associated files used, establishing a connection between them to form a coherent digital thread that facilitates easy visualization and maintains traceability.

Key Features

Minerva is tool-agnostic, supporting various applications and file types, including both Ansys tools and non-Ansys CAD and CAE software. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of tools and promotes seamless integration across different platforms.

  • Data management
  • Process management
  • HPC job submission
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Enterprise integration


Increase Efficiency


Accelerate Innovation


Enable Digitalization


Reduce Risk


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Jakob Skotte Wied

Application Engineer

I have been in EDRmedeso since 2021 and I am focusing on the Ansys Granta and Ansys Minerva technologies. My work covers supporting the presales process from the technical side, helping customers with software issues, training customers in software usage, and helping customers implement our data management solutions and tailoring it to their needs.

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This new agreement with Ansys allows us to further our vision for Analysis Led Design processes and to continue to provide our customers with dependable products. And it also gives Cummins flexibility for the future, helping us to grow in areas we couldn't consider in the past. Wayne Eckerle, Vice President of Corporate Research and Technology at Cummins.

— Wayne Eckerle / Vice President of Corporate Research and Technology at Cummins

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For just one new pump design Grundfos was able to cut 30 percent in overall development time and achieve significant savings in physical prototyping costs.

— Jacob Vernersen / Senior Manager