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Do you have a problem or question related to CSI? Check our frequently asked questions below:

Do you have tutorials for the CSI software?

Yes, please look here for Video Tutorials for SAP2000, ETABS, CSiBridge and SAFE:


How do I download and install the CSI software?

The latest versions are available through the CSI installation wizard; you can find it here: https://www.csiamerica.com/go/installation-wizard

For older versions of the software, contact our technical support by phone or e-mail, and we will provide you a download link.

Where can I find information about the licensing system for the CSI software?

CSI software uses Sentinel RMS License Manager by SafeNet Inc. You can find information about the system here: https://wiki.csiamerica.com/display/kb/Licensing

How do I renew a license?

Licenses expire after 12 months. To renew the licenses for another 12 months, please use the “NetKey.exe” or “StandaloneKey.exe” based on your license type. Remember to check that you have the latest licensing system installed on your server or computer; here is how you do it:

Standalone licenses

Download the latest StandaloneKey: https://www.csiamerica.com/go/standalonekey

Copy the files to your license folder: C:\Program Files…\Computers and Structures\[PRODUCT NAME]\CSiLicensing
More information can be found in the “StanaloneKey Guide.pdf” in the software installation folder.

Network licenses

Download the latest License Manager and Utilities features through CSI Installation Wizard: https://www.csiamerica.com/go/installation-wizard
More information can be found in the “NetKey Guide” in the license manager installation folder.

NB: Remember that licenses must not be in use when they are renewed

How do I upgrade to new versions?

For new major releases, you will need a new license. This is free of cost if your company have a valid SUM agreement. Simply send an e-mail to our sales department to request an upgrade.

If your company does not have a valid SUM agreement, you can upgrade for a fee. Please contact our sales department for an upgrade quote.

For minor releases, just run the CSI Installation wizard to install the latest version: https://www.csiamerica.com/go/installation-wizard

How do I move a license to another computer or server?

CSI licenses are provided as activation keys. When the license is activated by the user, it creates a local license file and the activation key is locked. To move the license to another computer or server, simply deactivate the license on the original location to release the activation key. Then the license activation key can be used on another computer or server.

For Standalone licenses, please use the “StandaloneKey.exe” to deactivate and activate.
More information can be found in the “StandaloneKey Guide.pdf” in the software installation folder.

For Network license, please use the “NetKey.exe” to deactivate and activate.
More information can be found in the “NetKey Guide.pdf” in the license manager installation folder.

Does CSI have an online database with information about analysis features, elements and general structural analysis topics?

Yes! Please visit the CSI wiki page; this page is devoted to provide general information about structural analysis program features and program specific features: https://wiki.csiamerica.com

Where can I find the software documentation and the code-check design documentation?

All documentation is included in the installation folder of the software. You can also access the manuals through the “Help” menu in the software.

Online support

In addition to assisting you via phone or email, we also provide online support. With online support, you enable our support technicians to view your screen or vice versa – a very efficient way to guide and assist you.

To use online support you will need the TeamViewer program. You may download it using the link below. Don´t hesitate to contact us should you need assistance.



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