How to start realizing the benefits from recent developments in Ansys Discovery

Discovery was released in 2020 and it is built upon the tools we are familiar with from SpaceClaim. From the beginning it has been a long-term strategy that Discovery will replace SpaceClaim.

In this session we will go through some of the benefits of using Discovery versus SpaceClaim with a focus of getting started in Discovery.

Agenda in short:

  • Walk through of GUI
  • History modelling
  • CAD Integration
  • Intro to SUB-D modelling
  • Simulation possibilities around the corner

Speaker: Klas Johansson

Time: 10.00-10.45 CET

**This is a live, interactive webinar. As this is a truly dynamic event, the questions asked within the webinar will help drive its content and knowledge sharing. Please join us at the specified time and date to fully engage with our expert panel.**