Accelerate Your Startup’s Growth with World-Leading Ansys Simulation Technology.

This webinar brings together some of the most exciting startups who are currently developing cutting-edge technology, to talk about what they have achieved and how the Ansys Startup Program has helped.

Our guest speakers will all introduce what their company does, the development challenges and engineering problems that they encountered, and how Ansys tools were able to help overcome these hurdles and help deliver their revolutionary products and technologies.

Many of the world’s greatest companies began as startups, which is why we are committed to partnering with the startups of today to help them grow into tomorrow’s industry leaders. Joining the Ansys Startup Program grants full access to simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively.

If you are part of a start-up and are exploring how accessible simulation tools can help deliver innovations faster, bring products to market sooner, and add value to your business, then this webinar is not to be missed.




David Engerberg, Mechanical engineering M.Sc. Development Engineer at Modvion working with strength assessment of the tower structure

Modvion is a Swedish wood technology company that develops cost-efficient, tall wind turbine towers made of laminated wood. The wooden design enables for radical reductions in emissions by replacing emission intensive materials such as steel and concrete. The result is a carbon negative tower, where the material stores more carbon than is produced during manufacturing. Tall towers reach stronger and more stable winds that increases energy production. The patented modular system enables simple transportation and a cost-effective option for the tall tower market – making wind power even more sustainable and attractive. Find out more.

Timothy Putzien, Senior Research Engineer at SynchroStor, leading the compressor expander machine development. Tim has experience working on the development of a wide range of rotating machinery from large MW scale digital-hydraulic machines to high performance transmissions from the motorsport world.

SynchroStor is a spin out company from the University of Edinburgh. The SynchroStor Pumped Thermal Energy Storage system converts electricity into heat, stores this heat within low-cost, environmentally benign media and – by reversing this process – converts it back into electricity on demand. The system is highly efficient, using innovative heat pump and heat exchanger technologies, both proprietary design. The resulting energy storage is not only more cost-effective, but can achieve much longer durations than lithium-ion batteries.Find out more.

Flowcopter is a Scottish Aerospace startup focused on developing a new class of industrial heavy lift drone based around our novel lightweight, hydraulic hybrid transmission. This offers substantial weight savings over competing technologies, using robust, low-cost components proven in harsh marine and industrial environments. Find out more.


The webinar will comprise of:


  • A brief overview of the Ansys Startup Program
  • Customer Stories: What we have achieved with the Ansys Startup Program from EDRMedeso
  • Speaker Q&A


Please note, the start time of this webinar will differ depending on your timezone:

11am CET
10am GMT