Ansys Rocky

With Ansys Rocky, engineers can simulate and analyze the behavior of particles in a wide range of applications, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical processing, mining and mineral processing, and food processing.

Simulating the Behavior of Particulate Materials

Ansys Rocky is a powerful simulation software used for simulating the behavior of particulate materials, such as granular materials, powders, and tablets, under various conditions. It is based on the Discrete Element Method (DEM), which uses a particle-based approach to simulate the interaction between particles and the surrounding environment.

The capability to use real particle shapes including any solids, 2D shells, and rigid and flexible fibers is unique for Rocky. With multi-graphics processing unit (GPU) solver technology, you can simulate the behavior of different shaped and sized particles in many industrial applications.

Key Features

Rocky is the premier tool for quickly and accurately simulating the behavior of bulk materials with complex particle shapes and size distributions.

  • Multi-GPU Processing
  • Realistic, Complex Particle Shapes
  • Fluid Mechanics Coupling
  • Structural Mechanics Coupling
  • Electromagnetic Coupling
  • Multibody Dynamics
  • Breakage Modeling



Optimize the Design and Simulate the Behavior


Ansys Rocky allows engineers to optimize the design and simulate the behavior of products in various conditions. This helps in identifying and addressing issues such as e.g. feeding and misalignments early in the design process, resulting in cost savings and improved product performance.

Reduce Risk


Using simulations as early as possible in the design process companies can mitigate risk early on and not late or even after the development cycle. This will result in less warranty complains and higher product quality.

Case Study

Particle Analysis and Cloud Computing Produce Mining Solutions Built to Last

In the mining and aggregates industry, a company can move hundreds of thousands of tons of material every day. The right equipment can help increase productivity, optimize energy usage, reduce cost-per-ton, improve safety, and avoid risks. From the perspective of one equipment developer, Metso Outotec, dependability is key.


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