Our business is built on people and technology – in that order


Core to our company strategy is that we want to be an awesome place to work, as EDRMedeso’s talented people are its most important asset.

We want to know how our people are doing, and support them in their day-to-day lives. By joining the Great Place To Work initiative we demonstrate how the importance of a happy workforce is central to our objectives.

Our Most Important Asset

We want to continuously develop employee satisfaction and engagement. Our goal is that EDRMedeso is seen as an employer that invests in its people and a workplace where people can build a long and meaningful career. Great Place to Work certification is also an affirmation for new talent interested in joining our company.

The three steps in the process are:

  • Employee Survey
  • Certification
  • Recognition

Great Place to Work is the Global Authority on Workplace Culture

We are built on the belief that great employee experiences are better for people, for business and for the world.

We’ve been listening to employee voices for over 40 years, and it’s helped us to determine what makes a truly great place to work. Part of a global organization, we apply data and insights from millions of employees working in around 10,000 organizations across the world every year to benchmark individual performance.


Work for Us

Our current team consist of +160 specialists, consultants, instructors and sales people.
If you want to be in the front end of the digital revolution and become a member of the EDRMedeso family then get in touch.

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