This is what we do: Perfect Engineering

We assist organizations in optimizing their product development process by fully or partially replacing lab tests and physical prototyping with advanced simulation.
By delivering leading software and knowledge transfer, we enable customers to identify problems and flaws early on in the design process and thereby initiate design changes, improving both performance and cutting cost. The entire design process is more efficient, numerous designs may quickly be evaluated and last but not least, creative and innovative engineering is greatly facilitated.

Our mission: To redefine engineering by knowledge and tools

Product simulation

Simulation enables those of you working with product development to test how your products withstand all imaginable physical loads and conditions. You'll find faults or weak points earlier, enabling you to optimize designs. You will decrease the number of lab test and speed up your design process considerably.


Building Information Modeling enables you to handle all information for a construction project at one and the same place. This means that all involved have the right information throughout the entire process – and above all that mistakes can be minimized.

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February 21, 2018


Årets Tekla Brukermøte 2018!

Årets Tekla Brukerdag 2018 vil i år bli holdt sammen med Trimble Novapoint Brukermøte 2018 i Stavanger, 24.- 25.- 26.april 2018.
Det vil være felles og parallelle ...

February 6, 2018


Expansive EDRMedeso needs to hire 12-15 employees!

Expansiva EDRMedeso behöver nyanställa 12-15 medarbetare
Simulering och CAE-området befinner sig sedan tre år i en hajp. I alla fall om man ska tro marknadens investeringar ...

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February 20, 2018


Webinar March 2 - Improving Simulation Performance HPC

Are you tired of waiting for your simulations to complete? Do you want to increase your productivity? If yes, then it is time to move ...

February 13, 2018


Release OptiSLang 7.0

The most relevant changes are

• Support of ANSYS Release 19.0
• Adaptive MOP - iterative metamodeling and datapoint refinement for more efficient parametric studies
• Process & ...