Product simulation

Simulation enables those of you working with product development to test how your products withstand all imaginable physical loads and conditions. You'll find faults or weak points earlier, enabling you to optimize designs. You will decrease the number of lab test and speed up your design process considerably.


Building Information Modeling enables you to handle all information for a construction project at one and the same place. This means that all involved have the right information throughout the entire process – and above all that mistakes can be minimized.

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May 27, 2016


Online training - Rotor Dynamics with ANSYS

Our new EDRMedeso online training consists of online lectures and workshop solutions and discussions. You will attend this training remotely from your own office.

This training course ...

May 26, 2016



ONS 2016 Stavanger - EDRMedeso will be there, will you?!

ONS has been gathering the international oil and gas industry to network, debate, do business and plan for the future.
ONS attracts high-level executives and politicians ...

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April 28, 2016


Which Engine can handle over 8,000 rpm?

Test 100 configurations in less than 3 minutes.
Simulation is a powerful tool for anyone workning in Product development. It enables you to test and optimize ...

April 25, 2016


New application - Weld Strength

The EDRMedeso weld strength app is a post processing tool to evaluate weld strength according to Eurocode 3 for fillet and butt welds. All types of FE-models can ...